Woodworking is a not an innate skill but one that is perfected with practice. If you are passionate enough about it, you can learn woodworking. It allows you to work on different wooden projects such as tables and doors. You can make some of the most incredible wooden items that you always wanted to have at your home or office t could never purchase probably due to their prices. Woodworking doesn’t have to be intimidating!

Moreover, you can turn your hobby for woodworking into extra cash by making amazing pieces and selling them off at the market. Some people even turn their woodworking hobby into a full-time business, and you could decide to do the same. To ignite your passion, we are sharing 20 cool woodworking projects and ideas that you’ll absolutely love. These projects are perfect ideas for both novice and experienced woodworkers.


Wooden Mobile Holders


If you’re reading this, there’s a 95% chance that you have a mobile phone. You can decide to build a wood item that holds your phone up in a straight line. With this item, you can place your phone on the table to watch movies, chat or browse. These attractive mobile holders also ensure safety for your phone. You can build it in any shape or size, according to your need.


3-Tier Wooden Desk Organizer


Have you always admired those handy wooden desk organizers that not only looks cute but can properly store all your small items? Well, you can have one by building it yourself. This woodwork can easily store all your office desk essentials, including pencils, pen, small notebooks, marker, etc. in a very organized manner. If you’re an experienced woodworker, this should be an easy task for you, but even as a novice, it is not impossible. All you need to do is read up and watch tutorials that demonstrate the step-by-step processes. To build this wooden desk organizer, you need essential woodworking tools such as cutter, screws, wood, etc.


DIY Media Box


Are you tired of having tangled cords and constant clutter around your TV area? Then, you can build an impressive DVD media box that will perfectly fit into your home and help you organize the media players. You can achieve this wonderful organization in your home by just following some simple steps. All you need are three pieces of wood, preferably natural hardwoods, clamps, sanding block, finishing product and wood glue. The hardest step is measuring. You have to measure correctly to ensure that your DVD player fits into the box. After measuring, assemble the wood pieces back together and then brush the box with a clear finish. And Voila! You own a wooden media box.


Wooden Platform Bed


You can build a wooden uplifted bed platform with a drill, a miter saw and a Kreg Jig. This platform can make your room more beautiful and make sleeping even more comfortable. Building this might appear too complicated for a DIY, but it is not. The real task is in cutting and assembling the wood pieces, but you can watch tutorials online on how to do this. After this, apply wood stain to make the platform durable. There you go, you have a simple modern bed platform built in a few hours. If you make it attractive enough, you can later make more pieces to sell.


Wooden Wall Planter


Do you enjoy having plants decorated around your home? If Yes, then a wall planter is a must-build. You can build a wooden wall planter that is big enough to contain both your interior home plants and books. You can save a lot of time building this by using pre-made wooden pallets which can be gotten from craft stores, or you can use wooden boxes. Add sanding and a little paint, and you have the perfect charming look. Building a complete wall planter will take only a few hours, and you can make extra cash from selling rustic wall planters on the market.


Wooden Boat Swing Set


You can make a wooden swing set made in the shape of a wooden boat. Interesting, right? In fact, you can make a baby cradle in a similar pattern. This type of swing set will definitely rock the child to sleep faster. These swing sets can also be placed in a garden or terrace, for elders to relax on. However, only woodworkers with professional expertise can build this. If you’re a novice and you’ve fallen in love with this idea, the best suggestion is for you to hire an experienced woodworker to build it for you and then, you can learn from the expert.


Oak Table


A small oak table is definitely a useful item for every household as they can serve different purposes. You can make one of these oak tables for your home. This table is strong enough to be used as a lamp stand, breakfast table, coffee table etc. Moreover, you can pattern this oak table after any design, shape or size you desire; you could even browse out impressive designs from the Internet. Some of the woodworking materials you’ll need for this project are oak pieces, screws, cutter etc.


Wine Rack


Are you a wine connoisseur or is there a mini bar in your home? Or, perhaps you run a bar. You can maximize your old wood pallets by reusing them to make an incredible wooden wine rack. The best factor about the wooden wine rack is that it is straightforward to build and can be attempted by novices. All you need is an elemental understanding of woodworking, a few tools and perhaps, an online tutorial and you’re set. You can modify the wine rack to suit your tastes in colors, shapes and sizes.


Wooden Bottle Carrier


A bottle carrier is a form of a bucket used in carrying beer bottles and the likes. Indeed, it is just like what you use in carrying your six-packer but a wooden variant. Even if you are not a drinker, you can still use it to carry around or store small items in the home. This is a wooden project that you’ll enjoy taking on as it is super easy to construct. As it is rustic, it adds a charming appeal to the drinking setting. With some basic woodworking items, you can build a sturdy bottle carrier and even include a bottle opener. As they are very easy to make, you can construct in bulk and then sell at reasonable rates or use as gifts to your drinking buddies.


Quaint Wall Rack


A household wall rack can be used to hang tools, kitchen accessories and other small items. You can also build this by reusing old wooden pallets. You only need a few things to build this wall rack correctly. I recommend that you make more than one as you can use it anywhere in the house for different purposes. For your kitchen, the rack frame can enhance your access to all the necessary tools and also saves kitchen space.

Moreover, it adds a rustic visual to your kitchen wall. You can customize the wall rack with different styles, items and styles. The woodworking items you need for this project include a power drill, wood board, tape measure, adhesive and magnets. Make sure you use only top-grade products in building this wall rack. This rack is, however, not ideal for heavy items. If you make in bulk for sale, ensure that you put up a disclaimer about its inability to hold heavy objects.


Wooden Sofa Sleeve


You might never know you need this until you start enjoying its benefits. A wooden sofa sleeve can be placed on either side of your sofa to enhance the looks. However, more importantly, you can modify the sleeve to include a mobile holder or a cup holder. Though this item is very common in furniture stores, it is more fun to build yours and customize it exactly how you want and make space for other things. Some tools required for this project include a tape measure, pencil, drilling machine, clamps, hole saw, etc. You can get an online tutorial that clearly illustrates the process of building a wooden sofa sleeve.


Bath Caddy


If you’re a bath lover, then you can make bath time better with a stylish bath caddy. You can sit back and enjoy bath time for long periods without the fear of your phone falling into the water accidentally. All you need is a 1 x 12 pine, wood stain, sandpaper, and hardware. Building a bath caddy is one of the easiest woodworking projects you can take on, and you get to enjoy bath luxury. If you already have reclaimed wood, this project will hardly cost you anything.


Road Pointers


If you have a craft wood, a miter saw and a right angle, you can make a fantastic set of arrows. Stain the wood pieces, or paint them to match your décor. You can build this as a gift to your office.


Wooden Utensils


Forks, spoons, knives and other kitchen utensils made from wood are very aesthetic and ornamental. But even more than that, wooden utensils are very functional in the kitchen and dining room as they efficiently conduct more heat than even metal utensils. Moreover, you can capitalize on the unique attributes of these wooden kitchen utensils, make exclusive collections and sell them on the market. And before you realize it, you are a woodworking utensils brand!


Picture Frames


Wooden picture frames are extremely easy to make, and they always add to the appeal of wherever they are placed. You can make your constructed picture frame look unique by the color, decoration and embellishments attached to the frame. Apart from their aesthetic appeal of beautifying your homes, wooden frames are hugely sellable as they will always be in demand. So, this is a profitable project to embark on.

Most of the woodworking ideas listed above are projects that can sell. Isn’t it exciting that what you call a hobby can be put to work to make you extra cash? You can even go all the way and call this a full-time job. But first, you have to know how to market your wooden items. Here’s the plan:


  • Market: Find a market that you want to concentrate on – wooden kitchen items, office items, gifts for children, general household wooden items, etc.
  • From the list of woodworking projects on this page, you can get a few ideas that can sell in your chosen market niche
  • Decide on where you’ll want to sell the items. Carry out a market survey. Where do these items sell the most? Online platforms like Amazon and eBay can also be optimized as the vast majority of consumers firstly look up details online. Moreover, the decision of where you want to sell will also help determine how you set your price rates.
  • One crucial factor is that your wood products stand out and get attention. What makes your piece unique that can convince consumers to choose it over that of the competition? It could be logos, custom designs, bodies of texts and quotes.
  • Source for affordable materials which do not compromise quality. This way you can sell your pieces at affordable rates
  • The social media is all the rage now. Take high-quality pictures of your pieces with a good background and lighting. Great photos are an excellent publicity strategy. Post these pictures on different social media platforms – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.




One of the best things about hobbies is that they are an awesome outlet for creativity. Woodworking is one of the more interesting hobbies. This is because it is an avenue to create something of quality from scratch. Moreover, apart from the fun in woodworking, you can take it further as a business. This guide has shown some really awesome woodworking project ideas that are easy to build and require little capital. The above-listed projects are functional and practical, so you can research to know which woodworking niche will best suit you.


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