Everyone knows a woodworker. To a great extent, the effectiveness of their services determines how attractive your home or office looks. If your woodworker has impressed you, then he/she deserves a gift! You do not have to think of buying industrial machines or expensive tools before you can make your woodworker happy. You can buy a small gift, and it will mean the world to your favorite woodworker. Small things matter too. So, whether it’s a birthday gift, a holiday gift or a gift to show your appreciation, you can choose from the long list of gift ideas for woodworkers written below


Magnetic Wristband


Nails, screws, bolts, nut, and other similar woodworking essentials are always found on a woodworker. You can either find them in their pocket, hands, or at the tip of the mouth. As important as they are, it is dangerous to lose them or drop them carelessly. However, unknowingly dropping them may occur when the woodworker is engrossed with work. Gifting your woodworker a magnetic wristband is a great way to help them keep those metal objects safe and free from causing injuries. More so, it will grant them easy access to the metals when working.


Glug Bottle


Glue bottle looks too little, but the little things may matter more than the big things. There is nothing as painful as covering your glue bottle after use only for you to see a thick gelatinous filled woodworker bottle the next time you need it. Especially in an environment where getting such things prove to be difficult, being in such a situation may affect the timing of the project. Get your woodworker a quality and simple glue bottle to save them from unexpected circumstances.


Glue spreader


Buying your woodworker a glue is as important as getting them a tray of glue spreader. The glue spreader kit contains glue bottles, cover tips, brush, and other essentials. By having a glue tray, it will be easier for them to keep their glues safe for use. Get your woodworker a glue spreader with good wood glue.


Electronic Tape Measurer



Every woodworker owns a measuring tape! Yes, but not all own an electronic measuring tape that is attractive. Beyond the fact that it will be noticeable by everyone, it will also help your woodworker to be more accurate when measuring and cutting. It’s perfect if your woodworker doesn’t have a good sight.


Woodwork Customized Shirt


Every woodworker has a working cloth. Yes! but most woodworkers do not have a customized shirt. Get your woodworker a customized shirt that reflects what he/she does. They can proudly represent their brand while working. It is best to get a lightweight shirt that can be worn at any time, due to the nature of their job.


Resistant Gloves


Woodworkers make use of various types of machinery. If not careful, they may end up with cuts almost every time. While cuts can happen at any time, you can save the day by gifting your woodworker resistant gloves. Get him/her a cut resistant glove that is light, flexible, and strong enough to prevent cuts


Laser Square


Laser square is a handy and versatile tool that should be found in the toolbox of every woodworker. While your woodworker may own one, you can get him/her the latest laser square to help them produce more straight lines and to make future projects easier.


Bench Cookie Grippers


Bench cookie grippers are non-slip cookie pads that contain high-level friction rubber surfaces to protect ongoing works. These strong grippers help protect woods from slipping as different activities are carried out.


Bluetooth Earbuds


Working all day with no one to talk to can get boring and tiring. You can make daily activities more interesting and lively for your woodworker by gifting him/her a Bluetooth enabled earbuds. With earbuds without cords, they will be able to go about their daily activities without trying to deal with dangling wire. More so, they will also get the chance to listen to their favorite artist while focusing on work.


Digital Protractor


The base of every woodworking activity is accuracy in measurement. Slight increase or decrease can affect the outcome of the project. A digital protractor will help your favorite woodworker to measure the angles without reading from the scale automatically. With a digital display feature, your woodworker will be able to view measurements directly on the screen.


Isometric Paper


Whether frequently or occasionally, woodworkers need isometric papers to sketch their thoughts on papers. Gifting your woodworker an isometric paper will help them to visualize what they want to build. They can follow the picture until they complete the project.


Woodworking Leather Apron


With dust, paints, and stains, woodworkers can be very messy. However, leather aprons can save them by taking all the dirt, thus keeping them clean all through the day. You can get leather woodworking inspired apron with several pockets to make it easy to reach out for small tools.


Wood Plane


Only few woodwork activities will look perfect without the use of planers. Getting the most recent type of wood plane with excellent features for your woodworker is a way to help your woodworker reach their perfect finish thoughts thus making their products look more perfect and attractive.


Woodworker Magazine Subscription


Your woodworker receives this gift as long as you deem fit. With this magazine, your woodworker can learn from tips, guides, and inspirational stories of others. They can also gain access to experts’ advice when they are faced with difficult issues at work.




There are several types of clamps, and there will be more. You must have heard that a woodworker can never have enough clamps? This is because of the continuous development of new clamps. There are so many clamps so your woodworker will surely need a new one. For instance, no woodworker can go wrong with a premium product like Bessey Clamps or even think of rejecting it when gifted with one. It’s too precious.


Dust Mask


Dust isn’t good for the health. Inhaling dust from the woodworking process can affect health and may lead to health complications. As health is wealth, having a dust mask is a great way to preserve health. This is a very useful gift to you woodworker whether they are allergic to dust or not.




Every woodwork undergoes the sanding process. Without sandpaper, there can be no sanding. Sandpaper is used every day, and a woodworker should never run out of it. Gift your woodworker a pack of sandpaper. They need it for that perfect finishing.




Most times, woodworkers focus on purchasing bigger machines and focus less on small, important tools like a handsaw. Though most woodworkers still own a handsaw but 90% own old and overused ones. It won’t be a bad idea to replace that old saw with a new one.


Marking Knife


Woodworkers prefer to use a marking knife in place of a pencil because a knife gives a thinner line than a pencil. The Japanese marking knife is an ideal gift option as it will give an accurate mark on your wood. If your woodworker uses a pencil rather than a marking knife, get them one.

Metal Detectors


Woodworking metal detector is an inexpensive yet very useful woodworking tool. It’s a great tool used in detecting nails and screws that are still attached to recycled pallets and lumber. Having a metal detector can save a woodworker from the stress of looking to see if a nail or screw is still hanging in the recycled woods. It is very convenient to use.




Nippers are small woodworking tools. They are handy and easy to use to remove nails from woods without damaging the woods. Although they are important, they are easily overlooked and not seen as a priority. This functional gift can be a great gift to your woodworker.


Protective Eyewear


More than any other thing, the safety of your woodworker is of utmost concern. You may decide to go for protective eyewear rather than tools. Wearing protective eyewear will help eliminate safety risks, thus keeping him/her safe.


First Aid Kit


Woodworking is not an easy job. It involves the use of mechanized machines and sharp tools. Since woodworkers have to deal with all of these, it is important to plan safety measures. Although there has been a continuous emphasis on the importance of first aid kit in workshops, most woodworkers do not take it seriously. You can fill in the space by getting a first aid kit that can be used to save serious moments.


Workshop Heater


During winter, the workshop can be a very cold and lonely place to work. But the workshop can be desirable and warm with the use of workshop heater. Get a ceiling heater to distribute heat in the workshop evenly.


Comfort Mat


The woodworking process requires the woodworker to stand until the project is completed. Standing on a hard concrete floor in the workshop does not only affect the legs but the body also. Get an anti-fatigue comfort mat for your woodworker for ease.


Downdraft Table


If your woodworker works a lot, then he/she probably does more of sanding. While the dust mask is very effective, another complimentary dust controller is the downdraft table. The downdraft table is a box with holes. An extractor is usually attached to the box to take in the dust generated all through the sanding process.


Customized mug


Getting a mug may be cliché until you get a customized one for your woodworker. The customized one may include their picture (if you have) and a lot of great words that makes them want to do better.


Enroll them in a professional class


There is always a new thing to learn in every industry, but acquiring new knowledge requires money. You can educate your woodworkers by signing them up for challenging advanced woodworking classes. It’s a gift they will never lose.


Tool Roll


A tool roll is used to hold up to 10 varieties of medium sized hand tools. It’s easier to carry, especially when the woodworker is leaving the comfort of their workshop to another location. Since the roll is mainly to wrap small tools, you should get a full roll or one made with leather. The leather made tool roll will effectively hold and protect the tools from dropping.


Hose Kit


This is a great inexpensive alternative to dust collection systems. This hose kit can be connected to the dust separator to keep the dust away. Being a rubber hose, it is crush resistant and easy to manipulate, thus making it usable for different types of sanders.


Woodworker shop journal


This is a fantastic gift idea for a woodworker. Few people think of gifting their favorite woodworker a customized journal to permanently record the things they have done, how they did it, and what people said about those things. If your woodworker is an award-winning one, he/she can place shots of moments in their journals. All of this information gets to be organized and accessible to others in a journal.


Saw Rasp


A Saw rasp is made with several saw blades which are joined together to function as one. It is an efficient woodworking tool, perfect for clearly removing materials in hardwood or soft wood. It can be used to make shapes, and its pattern makes it easy to resist clog. You can improve the productivity of your woodworker by getting a saw rasp.


Giving your woodworker a gift shows how much you value them. While thinking of the best gift they will appreciate may be tasking, it is important to know that any gift will mean so much to them. Whether they already have it or not, it is the heart and intention behind the gift that matters.

If you can, find a way to know what they do not have or what seems to be their most pressing need and reach out by meeting their needs. If you cannot, feel free to choose from our endless list of gift ideas for woodworkers. Enjoy!


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