If you are going into woodworking as a profession or hobby, you must gain enough experience before opening a workshop.

There are several important woodworking tools you may have to purchase if you must succeed. Listed below are those tools, with safety as a precaution, which happens to be the most important aspect of this business, because woodworking may be hazardous and dangerous, if things are not done right. That is the reason you should always take safety measures seriously.


Power Drill


Power drill is important for every home, and could be given as gift to family and friends. This tool is suitable for starters and does the same job as a drill press.


Japanese Saw


A Japanese saw gives a more efficient, smart, and exact cut compared to a European saw. The tooth direction simply differentiates the two, as the Japanese saw cuts by pulling the saw with a much less energy while the European saw cuts by pushing the saw.




In woodworking, handwork is the line which separates a factory worker from a craftsman. With hand working, you can easily create joinery which are difficult for machines. To make a joinery that is perfectly fit and tight, the chisel must be precise in getting rid of waste.

There are different shapes, sizes, and materials of chisel. Chisels made with harder materials may not require routine sharpening, thereby prolonging the working time. They are used in creating tendons and mortise, dovetails, and others.

Random Orbital Sander


This tool gives a great finishing in sanding. The direction of the grain should be the first thing to be observed when deciding on the direction to move the sandpaper while sanding, but with the Random Orbital Sander, observing the direction of the grain is not necessary due to its circular movements.

You’ll also need a Velcro pad which makes it possible to switch the sandpaper disc easily. Most sanders allow speed control which is very important, to avoid over-sanding or under-sanding your work.


Circular Saw


Circular saws are table-mounted or handheld saws with the ability to set the blade depth thereby enabling you to create dados, cut offs, and narrow slots.

This saw is mobile-friendly and versatile which gives it the ability to work anywhere, but the downside is its lightweight which causes the saw to move while cutting. This is a safety precaution that must not be overlooked as the stability of the machine is important when cutting.


Compound Miter Saw


The Compound Miter saw is a mobile tool which must be set in place, with the tables extended on both ends. It gives a quick, accurate, and compound cut. It also has a rotating table and a vertical pivot which allow you to tilt the blade and head of the cutter sideways, thereby giving an angle to the horizontal and vertical cuts on both planes.


The jigsaw is a mobile and versatile handheld tool used for cutting curves, straight, and circles, but the width of the blade determines the fineness of the curves made. The only downside of this tool is that, it is difficult to cut straight lines on some wood, but nevertheless, always have a sharp blade.




This handheld tool mounted upside down is used to give a hollow on a work piece. Routers are suitable for cutting joinery and profiles used for moldings.

With the router, you can purchase several profile to take care of your needs which may arise with woodworking.

Table Saw


The main tool for most workshops is the table saw, and it is the most used tool in a shop. The importance of a table saw in a workshop shouldn’t be undermined, because there are jobs that cannot be accomplished without it.

Straight cuts can be done with a table saw. To achieve this consistent cut, you need to adjust the fence in accordance with the desired width and also, set the depth of the blade.

Lastly, safety measures is required in every workshop, and it is necessary to know all safety requirements for tools.

Eye protection such as safety glasses should be worn to avoid accidents caused by blade cracks or dust. Ear protection is also a necessity to avoid damage to ears due to a high decibel noise from power tools. Dust may also accumulate in the lungs if the nose is always left uncovered.

It is very exciting to open a woodworking business, but shopping for all the required tools may be frustrating, so you can start with the basic tools and upgrade from time to time.


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