While trying to make a piece, it’s so frustrating to realize that, one of the most important materials needed to make the project successful is not available, and you’ve to go and get it from a store right away.

I’ve listed the 5 essential materials that must be available always. These are things you may not consider when purchasing supplies, but you’ll need them when building a project.

They’re not essential tools, but are things you’ll need to use frequently which gets out of stock and need to be restocked.

Masking Tape


This tape could be used when finishing and painting. I use it to hold small projects attached to each other when gluing them, and to mark floors so that I know my position.

The best size of this tape is the 1” size available in multi-packs.




Wood glue should always be available in a woodworking shop, since it is used for all building works, so that you don’t need to make a special trip to a store just because you suddenly ran out of it.

It is advisable to buy enough quantity of this glue like a gallon, to avoid applying a little amount of it to your connection which may eventually affect the strength of such connection.




Just like the wood glue, always ensure that your sandpaper is replaced as soon as you open the last packet of sanding disc, so that it’ll not become an emergency. You may save money by purchasing the disc in bulk, which will last for a longtime to avoid running out of stock always.

Although, I mostly use the 120 grit paper, but I also keep the 80 and 220 grits. I don’t really have need for other grits apart from these three. I also like to use the 320 grit for sanding finished coating.




Oftentimes, you may need different length of screws for specific projects, but screws such as 1 ¼” are multipurpose screws used at all times for different jobs, from holding pieces together to jig making.

The reason why I choose this size is that, I always work on thick lumbers of ¾”, so this 1 ¼” screw is perfect for joinery.

Star drive screws should also be readily available, although they are a bit expensive, but they perform better.


Latex Gloves


If you don’t want paint, finish, and some stuffs to get on your hands, use the disposable latex gloves.

Debris and dirt may be transferred from your hands to the surface of your project during finishing, but the latex gloves can help prevent this. Also, you won’t need to use harsh chemicals or mineral spirits to clean your hands afterwards.

Before I discovered this big box of latex gloves, I used to think that a greasy and dirty hand is a trademark of honor, but now I know it’s annoying and sickening.


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