So, you’ve seen the ads all over Facebook and Instagram about Robby Blanchard’s hyped up course, Commission Hero.

Is this course legitimate? And if it is, at $997 a pop, is it really worth the money? I hear you ask

The answer to those two questions will be made clear during the course of this short article. I should also point out, unlike a lot of the reviews you’ll see for a lot of these internet marketing type of products, I have actually purchased Commission Hero myself and all images and inside information you are about to discover are completely genuine.

So, Who Am I (Your Reviewer)?


My name is Tom Bell! Nice to meet you. As you can see by my blog, I’m a woodworker by trade and together, with my father, run this blog. Needless to say, it doesn’t pay the best! So, I had been looking into making money online and stumbled across Robby Blanchard’s Commission Hero when a Facebook Advertisement pretty much launched itself through the computer screen at me!

From my previous research online, I had heard about the affiliate network, Clickbank and how affiliate marketers were making huge numbers on there. When’s Robby’s ad appeared, I clicked through straight away, as it clearly stated he was the Number 1 Clickbank affiliate in the world and had generated well over a million dollars with Clickbank that year.

Honestly, at $997 for the course, I was unsure about it’s legitimacy. However, after some brief research online, Clickbank confirmed that Robby was indeed their number 1 affiliate at the time and I instantly became hungry to learn more and join the program.

Let me tell you about what happened after I did.


My Results


The screenshot of my own Clickbank account, below, contains my results after joining the program a couple of weeks later and running up to today’s date!

WOW. Yes, I know. I couldn’t believe it either.

(And no, before some of you jump in and say I got this from Google images, this is a completely genuine photo. Try a reverse image search if you don’t believe me.)

As you can see, I made the cost of the course back in just a few days. However, this is just the beginning for me. I know if I continue to apply the principals and teachings there are much bigger days around the corner! It’s been a genuinely transformative experience and I can’t thank Robby Blanchard enough for making the course available as well as his friendly support. That’s why I’ve taken the time to write this review.


How Does It Work? What Are You Going To Get?


Robby’s formula (as well as most of the other Clickbank giants out there) is the following:


Facebook Ads + Carefully Chosen Clickbank Offers = Financial Freedom

It really is that simple! Okay, so maybe it is a little more complex than that. Your campaigns require some tweaking and optimization obviously. The great thing is, however, you don’t need any pre-existing technical knowledge in order to have results like mine! I didn’t!

Robby, really takes care of you in every way. Once you have joined the course and are emailed your access information to the member’s area, you’ll see this:



There’s sooo much quality training inside here, not just on Facebook Advertising, but on building landing pages for your offers – heck, he even gives you a load for free that you can download straight into your ClickFunnels account.

I should point out though (and this is a good thing!) you’ll need to go through it all in a few sittings to process it properly before getting started. I’d definitely advise you to watch the content a few times and make notes as you go – that really helped me to not make any rash financial decisions early on and focus on building a long lasting, autopilot business.

However, you don’t just get all of this quality training, you get exclusive access to his private Facebook group. In my opinion, this is where you will discover the real value of this course as you can receive quality advice on your campaigns from, not just Robby, but his team and also the other countless members who have gone on to achieve in excess of $10k a day.


Final Points


Okay, so we’ve reached the end of the review. I really hope it helped you on making the most informed decision about whether Commission Hero is right for you. If you’re a positive person and an action taker, I think your life is about to change forever. Additionally, this is probably the only chance you’re going to get to learn from one of the best affiliate marketers out there!

I became a Commission Hero and you can too!


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To Your Success!


p.s. Drop this site a message when you’ve made your first sale!